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The sweatshirt lowdown

One of the simplest, yet most iconic, of all garments is the white t-shirt. Ah, but I’ve already done a post on that, so let’s go to another piece that is right up with it: The sweatshirt. A casual, loose-fitting sweater, usually in a thick cotton. The origins are most likely in the realms of sportswear, or rather before and…

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Waistcoat Wednesday! Pike Bros show their stripes

Well, hello there! And welcome back to another instalment of Waistcoat Wednesday, your weekly guide to what is going down in the world of armless garments. This week sees the return of Pike Brothers of Germany, presenting another addition to their series of vintage style 1937 Roamer Vests. The Roamer Vest is a staple piece in their selection and now…

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