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Review: The Submariner Parka from Private White VC

I’ll start off right here with a confession, though to the initiated it will be more like stating the obvious: I do like a nice waxed jacket. And if you think this confession sounds familiar it’s because I’ve used it before, when I reviewed another waxed jacket from Private White, the Twin-Track jacket. Clearly, though, it still holds, at least…

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Shock of the new – Adventures in Gore-tex!

Eh? What is this rubbish I hear you wail. Gore-tex? GORE…TEX? I visit this joint to read about artisan selvedge denim and tweed jackets, not dayglow jackets what train spotters wear. Indeed you do, but bear with me dear reader. I raise my hand and say I like a Cabourn Mallory coat as much as the next man and yes,…

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