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Feelgood fashion, even more genuinely so

While on our usual Saturday morning trip to town this week, I joined WDG in visiting the new local ethical clothes shop. Ethical clothes shop? Sounds really lame and hippie-like, right? I could have come up with a more enticing and juicy description instead of  a really poor, though short, description, so your derision is entirely my fault. Something along the…

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How about some alternative fabrics?

Cotton shirt, cotton boxers, cotton denim, cotton t-shirt, and let me bless your little cotton socks as well. Cotton everywhere, cotton all over and cotton everything. Is cotton the be all and end all, the perfect fabric for all uses? I’ve mentioned a few times how cotton is a huge environmental problem and that you should, whenever possible and practical,…

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Why cheap fashion must die

Most human endeavours are in some way aimed at improving the human existence. Be it through culture, engineering, medicine or other ways that make life easier, safer or more pleasurable, we progress as a species. I quite often feel a real sense of pride in observing the innovations in science and technology. The complexity and sheer dedication going into the…

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