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Web-shops of distinction, a few tips on getting it right

Being interested in clothes I occasionally peek around various shops on the web. Not that often though, and not really with very much joy either. Why, you may wonder? Well, while a lot of effort will usually go into creating a physical shop of distinction, the same effort is rarely put into creating a singular shop on-line. Why is this?…

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How to survive as a traditional local clothes shop

Todays’ local newspaper carried the sob stories of a handful of local shops that have folded due to the unfair competition from online shops, with bitter complaints about how the local brick and mortar shops are used to view and fondle items before ordering online. The underlying tone is that this is really awfully unfair and that we consumers need…

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Shopping: Are you being served?

For most of my life, entering a clothes shop, all on my lonesome, has been a pretty traumatic affair and something best avoided. I’m well aware that many guys have an aversion to clothes shops, for a variety of reasons, others proclaiming shopping as too tedious (yet they will happily spend all day shopping for fishing gear or model trains).…

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