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Garmology podcast: A life for design – With Mark Larese-Casanova

This weeks guest is Mark Larese-Casanova, an old friend of mine from the heady days of menswear forums. Mark is a fellow fan of well-made, well designed and interesting menswear, so much so that he has recently changed from being in front of students to becoming a student. We talk about making garments and how knowledge changes your perspective on…

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Celebration! 2 years, 300 posts!

Time for a another celebration today, a mere year after the last one. Please don’t think me pompous, self-satisfied, smug or ego-stroking, but reaching a milestone 300 posts and keeping up blogging for two full years does make me feel quite pleased with myself, and yes, a little smug and self-satisfied. Perhaps not so much pompous and if I have a failing…

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