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Garmology podcast: Design for repairability – With Rosanna Watson, Snowdonia Gear Repair (#116)

In this episode, Rosanna Watson of Snowdonia Gear Repair drops in to talk about the boom in outdoor gear, designing for repairability, greenwashing in the outdoor industry, the problem with “sustainable” proofing, the balance between technical performance and durability, Goretex and synthetic fabric, why some like visible repairs and others don’t and why you should start mending your clothes today. Oh, and a…

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Shock of the new – Adventures in Gore-tex!

Eh? What is this rubbish I hear you wail. Gore-tex? GORE…TEX? I visit this joint to read about artisan selvedge denim and tweed jackets, not dayglow jackets what train spotters wear. Indeed you do, but bear with me dear reader. I raise my hand and say I like a Cabourn Mallory coat as much as the next man and yes,…

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