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Garmology S00 E32: Just cosplay every day – With Holly Swinyard

The guest this episode is Holly Swinyard, style chameleon in many a Cosplay getup. Holly is editor and podcaster for the Cosplay Journal, a contributor to Chap magazine, We talk about having fun with clothes, dressing for pleasure and self-confidence, conformity, ignoring rules and how cosplay intersects with dressing up in our daily lives. Oh, and a shared admiration for…

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Unleash your inner freak with some sock innovation – part 2

And release your breath slowly. Feel the inner tension evaporate as we find ourself back with part 2 of todays definite post about sock design and where sock supplies are heading in 2015. In part one I basically covered the factors we look for in a good pair of socks, and somewhat mocked the job satisfaction in being a sock…

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Trouser Tuesday : Mister Freedom "El Americano"

Well, what do you know, it’s Tuesday again, and on Tuesdays we talk about trousers! Today I want to talk about one of my most recent additions to the Vault of Two-legged Garments here at WellDressed Mansion, the “El Americano” by Mister Freedom. I’ll admit that until I visited Maritime & Antiques in Copenhagen, I’d not really paid that much…

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