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Garmology: Optically inclined – with Jason Kirk (S02/E03)

My guest this week is Jason Kirk, director of the family firm Kirk and Kirk eyewear. We talk about how we go about buying glasses, why they can be so expensive, the differences in the material used for frames and the varieties of lenses, whether it matters where things are made, buying from the behemoths of the optical world versus…

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The difficulties of choosing eyewear

If you’re a wearer of spectacles, you’ll relate to the problems of choosing eyewear that suit you. Apparently there is a science to this, as at least one of my local opticians offers the services of their qualified eyewear stylists. In my experience, it’s more a case of starting at one end of the always immense selection and then working…

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Cold & Heggem – a true Scandinavian spectacle

When wandering around Copenhagen you have the wide streets, the smaller streets and the very small streets. And then you have the alley-like passages you almost miss, unless you know they are there. And luckily I had an idea where I was going, thanks to a tip-off from Frans at Maritime & Antiques. What I found was very much worth…

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