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Waistcoat controversy on Instagram!

Friday just isn’t the same without my little weekly round-up of all that is good and not so good in the world, right? Where else do you have the opportunity of enjoying a finely curated selection of thirteen prime photographic captures from the Instagram account of what Esquire magazine selected as one of the 20 most stylish men on Instagram.…

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The Great Shaving Cream Investigation – Intro

I recently experienced an old-man moment. You know what I’m talking about, right? When you observe the younger generation making their mistakes or doing silly stuff, and you just shake your head and really want to say something, but you don’t, as you know that nothing good will come from it. What was it I observed this time? A young…

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Me, one of the most stylish men on Instagram

Yesterday brought a very nice surprise by way of Esquire UK. Quite out of the blue they included me in their list of the 20 most stylish men on Instagram! Looking at the other names on the list you can understand why this was so surprising: They are mainly professional players in the field of fashion, menswear and music. Editors, models,…

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