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Summer jackets for 2019: Frahm jackets

The summer of 2018 in Europe was an absolute disaster for both farmers and garmsmen. Crops failed massively in the dry heat and menswearists that usually layering their clothing enthusiastically were struggling to cope with the fact that even a single layer was one layer too far. So far it looks like 2019 is a different tote of terror, hence…

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The North Sea Clothing “Adventurer” smock

North Sea Clothing is a company with a strong background in the vintage garment trade. Dealing in classic vintage gave them the idea of have small runs of their own designs, improving and modernising vintage garments. Initially, this meant knitwear, like their great remake of the Royal Navy Submariner sweater, but increasing in range over time to result in some…

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A couple of alternative waxed jackets

The green waxed jacket, normally with a Barbour label somewhere on it, is a staple of the British look. Maybe not so much for the average British chap, but for the those aspiring to the hunting and gentleman farming look of the more elevated gents, the traditional green waxed jacket had a definite place. I have no problem with that…

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