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Trouser Tuesday: Hector Powe, the genuine vintage deal

For the 10th instalment of this series of Trouser Tuesday trouser reviews, I thought I’d do something even more different than changing fabric and style. We’re going to go 70 years back in time and take a look at a pair of trousers that were made for my Grandfather by Hector Powe of London. Bespoke maybe, at least made to…

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“Made in Britain”, all it’s made out to be?

While in London recently I met up with the owner of a British garment brand of some note. A great chap, with a long career in the industry and today doing his own thing, after many years of working for some of the leading figures in British men’s fashion. He’s an outspoken chap, with strong and wide-ranging opinions, and hence…

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Icons: Ventile – fact or fiction?

Ventile is a name we’re increasingly often coming across these days. Is it a new innovation, or something that’s been around for over 70 years? Well, as it turns out, it’s the latter. History has it that it was developed in the late 1930s by the British Cotton Industry Research Association in Manchester, or the Shirley Institute, as it was…

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