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Review: Another couple of belts with some “different”

Following on from my previous belt review, here are another couple of choice leather belts for your kind consideration. These are also low-volume, artisan crafted pieces, made to order to requested spec, in Britain. What this means is that if you know the various elements that go into them, you’ll have an idea what you might appreciate in a belt.…

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Review: A couple of leather belts with “different”

For me leather belts are a bit like waiting for a bus. Not like in that I’d rather cycle, walk or drive a rorty vintage car, but more like in that I they’re not really a factor until several arrive almost at the same time. So this week I’ll take a look at two of the belts that are in…

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Review: The Crowder ATP watch, for a life less hectic

The smartphone has to be the curse of modern times. One dip in to your pocket and you know if anyone has phoned you, texted you, mentioned you, poked you, prodded you or in any other way attempted to annoy you. Also if anything has happened in the world, your car is unlocked or whether the book you reserved at the…

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