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Trouser Tuesday: Rapha, proper trousers for cyclists

Regular readers will not have missed my tear-jerking piece about cycling-induced holes in my tweed trousers recently, and ensuing discussion about: a) how silly I am to be cycling in tweed trousers and b) how I should abandon my fetish for tweed and consider more appropriate cycle-wear, such as c) a pair of Rapha cycling jeans. So, never one to…

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Help! Cycling and trouser wear

To my utter surprise and dismay I discovered yesterday that my H&M “Mauritz collection” trousers in Moon Tweed had worn through in the crotch area. While denim fans see the infamous “crotch blowout” as something of an expected war injury after a long period of hard use, it’s not something I expect after what I consider to be fairly gentle and…

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A bicycle helmet for a stylish man?

Research shows that when it comes to riding bicycles, the following statements hold true for a large percentage of men: Men like cycling, and mostly fast Men don’t like to look silly Falling off your bike when going fast can really harm you Which sort of leads on to the fact that boys over the age of 8 tend not to wear…

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