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Style: A few tips for the Autumn/Winter season Part 2

Welcome back to part two of my tips for what to wear this Autumn! This is a three-part post: General and above the shoulders  Upper body wear (this post) Legs and feet Or maybe a new backpack? With head-wear and scarves covered, let’s move on to the upper body. Here it becomes more interesting, as with the upper-body we get the…

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“Made in Britain”, all it’s made out to be?

While in London recently I met up with the owner of a British garment brand of some note. A great chap, with a long career in the industry and today doing his own thing, after many years of working for some of the leading figures in British men’s fashion. He’s an outspoken chap, with strong and wide-ranging opinions, and hence…

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What’s up with “dressing nice”?

Last week I was at a work conference celebrating 25 years of the company I work for. As per usual, there is the standard “Big Dinner”. While I enjoy good food, these dinners are always totally painful for me. Sitting at the table for hours to work our way through a meagre 3-course dinner, trying to engage the others round…

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