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Is there a relationship between quality and cost?


Reading Time: 9 minutesAn interesting topic revealed itself yesterday, spurred on by WDW noticing that yet another of her items of clothing was ripe for recycling. Not that it had totally failed in it’s mission, it was still quite serviceable in that it had no holes, failed seams or other mechanical failures. It was just not in the same condition as when it…

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If you like cheap clothes, you should watch “The True Cost”


Reading Time: 5 minutesI could make this a one-line post and just point back to the title. Get the message across in just a few words, make life easier for myself, stop waffling on for maximum verbiage. Yet, it’s early Sunday morning, the birds are singing, the dog is sleeping (nothing new there) and the coffee is strong and good. So let me…

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12 things you need to know about menswear and fashion


Reading Time: 4 minutes“12 things you need to know about menswear“. Indeed. I was looking through the trite articles on offer on a Norwegian fashion news site this afternoon and almost every title was click-bait offering to reveal some number of somethings you desperately need to know to know about making an outfit faux pas, or not making the impression you should be…

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Update: The Dr Martens #solegate saga!


Reading Time: 3 minutesA while back I posted about how I discovered that my classic Dr Martens shoes had developed split soles. Although four or five years since I had purchased them, they had seen little use and I was very surprised to find that the soles, while displaying marginal wear elsewhere, had split along the sides, opening the core to the elements.…

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Fashion, clothing and ethics: Who made your clothes?

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Reading Time: 8 minutesSo, today is Fashion Revolution Day. A year to the day after 1133 people were killed and over 2500 injured when the Rana Plaza garment factory collapsed in Bangladesh. A tragedy that made world news and made a huge impact on those unfortunate to be directly involved. Has anything changed since then? Quite likely not. At least not on any…

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