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Outerwear: The Monitaly Mountain Parka


Reading Time: 6 minutesAs far as business models go, building an appliance that lasts forever is considered a poor idea. From the producers side, that is. From a consumer side it’s a bloody marvellous idea, as it saves us replacing the piece of shit washing machine every few years or so,. Less money, less hassle, and have does anyone even slightly enjoy trying…

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In case you missed them, the best of 2015 #3: Opinions


Reading Time: 2 minutesFurther on from the index to all the guides and reviews I wrote in 2015, here is a handy index to what I chose to group as “opinions”. Possibly a spurious description for a motley selection of posts, some verging on the rantings of the unhinged, others merely difficult to file under any other description. A shorter list than the others, but…

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Shock of the new – Adventures in Gore Tex!


Reading Time: 14 minutesGuest post by Dave Scratch Eh? What is this rubbish I hear you wail. Gore tex? GORE…TEX? I visit this joint to read about artisan selvedge denim and tweed jackets, not dayglow jackets what train spotters wear. Indeed you do, but bear with me dear reader. I raise my hand and say I like a Cabourn Mallory coat as much…

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Style: A few tips for the Autumn/Winter season Part 2


Reading Time: 13 minutesWelcome back to part two of my tips for what to wear this Autumn! This is a three-part post: General and above the shoulders  Upper body wear (this post) Legs and feet Or maybe a new backpack? With head-wear and scarves covered, let’s move on to the upper body. Here it becomes more interesting, as with the upper-body we get the…

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Style: A few tips for the Autumn/Winter season Part 1


Reading Time: 8 minutesThis summer I wrote a couple of posts (here and here) with my ideas on summer attire for the middle-aged man. From the feedback I received, which to be honest was overwhelmingly from significant others using my opinions to take their ill-dressed men to task, it was clear that a concise and clear guide to what is and isn’t acceptable…

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