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A few thoughts on caring for leather shoes


Reading Time: 7 minutesAn expression came to mind last week whilst preparing a new pair of rugged Red Wing boots for use, “tough as old boots”. It got me wondering where such an expression might have come from, and also whether there was any significance in the “old” part of it. Were boots stronger in previous times? I have observed that there has been…

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The partially comprehensive guide to shoe soles


Reading Time: 8 minutesIn recent times I’ve had  a couple of pairs of shoes resoled. In the grand scheme of things makes me something of a know-it-all, with regards to what goes on on the underside of Gentleman’s footwear. First I found a pair of custom-grade Church brogues, which I then had resoled with Dainite soles, then a pair of lesser brogues resoled with commando soles.…

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You really must visit Mr Dagestad when you're in Oslo…


Reading Time: 11 minutesOslo is the capital and largest city in Norway and by Norwegian standards there are a lot of people living there and the surrounding areas. A big city, in one of the richest countries in the world. Yet in many respects it’s a provincial little town, and perhaps especially when it comes to good shops. Apart from the usual stuff you…

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Iconic Footwear: The Red Wing 877 Irish Setters


Reading Time: 9 minutesI confess, I come from a family of scavengers. Jumble sales, small ads and charity shops all get our blood pumping that little bit harder. My Saturday trip to town always includes a visit to the local Salvation Army charity shop for a quick look through their stock. 999 times out of a 1000 there is nothing worthwhile there, but…

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Iconic footwear: Clarks Wallabees, everything to everyone?


Reading Time: 11 minutesAnother quality guest post by Scratch! Well Dressed Dad has been obliquely nagging for a piece to be written upon these shoes for a while now. As it is, he is a latecomer to this most excellent of folds having only just purchased his first pair at a ripe old age so knows little more than he likes the look of them…

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Why shoe sizes are a mess


Reading Time: 9 minutesA couple of recent shoe experiences have really brought home to me, again,  how frustrating the issue of sizing is. I’ve previously posted about this in regards to clothing, this time it’s about the footwear. Looking at it with an analytical eye, how hard can it be? In it’s basic form the average human foot has a single measurement of…

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Iconic footwear: Paraboot Michael, classic French


Reading Time: 10 minutesWhenever we’ve been talking footwear, my mate Scratch has been going on about his Paraboot shoes. Whenever I’ve done a post about footwear recommendations for the upcoming season, he’s been there, telling me that I must include Paraboot. And each time, I’ve taken a look at them and thought they looked a bit odd, but knowing that Scratch does know his…

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A week in Instagram photos


Reading Time: 3 minutesGiven my new found fame as a man to watch on Instagram, I thought I’d shamelessly cash and publish a weekly “best of” my photos. Those that follow me on Instagram will find nothing new here, but in the spirit of upcycling and recyling, for the rest of the planets population (minus some 2000 of you), please pleasure your visual…

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Bear Creme, traditional Norwegian shoe polish


Reading Time: 3 minutesWhen visiting the Ætt pop-up shop in Bergen recently, I was made aware of part of their exhibition that dealt with the locally produced products. With the way the world is today, almost all of these were now dead in the water or with production outsourced to low cost countries. One shining exception is the locally made brand of shoe…

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How to improve upon brogue perfection


Reading Time: 5 minutesIf you think back to a week or to before Xmas, you’ll recall that I reported on the stroke of luck I had in finding a pair of Custom Grade brogues by Church in my local Salvation Army charity shop. A truly remarkable find, and even more remarkable in that they were my size as well. A pair of shoes…

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