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Ventile, the ugly facts they don’t tell you

Reading Time: 10 minutesFour years ago I posted a pretty critical piece about a fabric that at the time was on the brink of enjoying something of a comeback. The main point of the article was that the historical facts that were being bandied about might not actually be as historical as they were made out to be. There was much talk of…

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If you like cheap clothes, you should watch “The True Cost”

Reading Time: 6 minutesI could make this a one-line post and just point back to the title. Get the message across in just a few words, make life easier for myself, stop waffling on for maximum verbiage. Yet, it’s early Sunday morning, the birds are singing, the dog is sleeping (nothing new there) and the coffee is strong and good. So let me…

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Be cosmetically cautious

Reading Time: 9 minutesI am of the firm opinion that when it comes to cosmetics and grooming, men really have a very short list of products that are justifiable. Part of being a man is that you don’t spend a lot of time fussing, preening, primping, lotioning, peeling, foundationing, epilating or whatever. Isn’t it bad enough the our women feel compelled to do…

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