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The Garmsman Dozen #1: Jon, from Great Britain

Reading Time: 11 minutesWelcome to the first instalment of a new series I’ve decided to call “The Garmsman Dozen”. Garmsman? Street-lingo for Garment Man, and dozen because I send out a list of questions and ask for at least a dozen to be answered. Enough waffle though and over to Jon aka Heavyjon on Instagram. Welcome to the Garmsman Dozen Jon! Who are…

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For properly parky days, the Monitaly Mountain Parka “US Tent” version

Reading Time: 6 minutesWhen it comes to parkas, there are three companies that immediately come to mind (to me, others will argue at length why they have a different list), and all three have certain similarities. Engineered Garments, Battenwear and Monitaly. All have a Japanese designer, produce their goods in the USA, and have at least one parka design that is incrementally changed…

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