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The Garmsman Dozen #1: Jon, from Great Britain

Welcome to the first instalment of a new series I’ve decided to call “The Garmsman Dozen”. Garmsman? Street-lingo for Garment Man, and dozen because I send out a list of questions and ask for at least a dozen to be answered. Enough waffle though and over to Jon aka Heavyjon on Instagram. Welcome to the Garmsman Dozen Jon! Who are…

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The making of a classic Norfolk jacket in Harris Tweed

It seems like such a long time since I visited the Hebrides on my grand Harris Tweed expedition, though in reality it’s only been 6 months. The memories are still vivid though, as both the experience was wonderful and the photos great. I wrote about the trip previously (part one and part two), so won’t recap too much of that…

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Impressions of Savile Row

On a recent visit to London I had a list of places I wanted to visit. Amongst these were Savile Row, home of Londons Bespoke tailors. Bespoke tailoring isn’t actually something that I consider very “me”, but I can’t help be fascinated by the tradition and craft that lies behind it. Also, the fact that people will actually travel far…

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