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Be cosmetically cautious

I am of the firm opinion that when it comes to cosmetics and grooming, men really have a very short list of products that are justifiable. Part of being a man is that you don’t spend a lot of time fussing, preening, primping, lotioning, peeling, foundationing, epilating or whatever. Isn’t it bad enough the our women feel compelled to do…

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The Great Shaving Cream Investigation – Round 6

Welcome to round 6 of the Great Shaving Cream Investigation! This is the final regular round of the series, with just a single champion meets the underdog round to go. I’ll keep it brief, as I know you are quite desperate to know the outcome of this latest round. Am I right or am I right? To look back at…

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The Great Shaving Cream Investigation – Round 3

Round 1 of the Great Shaving Cream Investigation saw Billy Jealousy soundly trounce Gentleman’s Tonic, with both seeing points lost for unsound ingredients. Round 2 saw Kiehl’s lose soundly to Body Shop, with Body shop going into the lead with no deductions and Kiehl’s getting maximum deductions for unsound ingredients. Which was ironic given how they profile themselves on using only…

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