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A couple of alternative waxed jackets

The green waxed jacket, normally with a Barbour label somewhere on it, is a staple of the British look. Maybe not so much for the average British chap, but for the those aspiring to the hunting and gentleman farming look of the more elevated gents, the traditional green waxed jacket had a definite place. I have no problem with that…

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Waistcoat Wednesday: Cro Jack, get it while you can!

This weeks waistcoat is from a brand that I’ve been aware of for a while now, although without being curious enough to do more than have a brief look at their website, which really doesn’t give a very good impression. The oddly named Cro Jack (I have been reliably informed that the Cro Jack is a part of a sailing ship which…

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Icons: Harris Tweed

Harris Tweed cloth must be the most fabled and mythical of cloths in use today. With a history going back over 200 years, the story reads more like a fairytale than a straight history lesson. A fairy tale with highs and lows, a fairy godmother, an evil persona, a prince to save the day and happily ever after. Let’s not…

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