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Book review: “F**k Ivy” by Mark McNairy

Ok, let me just start by saying that I’m a little at a loss when it comes to this book. The provocative title, “F**k Ivy ** and everything else”, confirms my opinion of Mark as an enfant terrible of the menswear world. Which is strangely timely, given how much mention there has been of Ivy around here in recent times. And of…

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The McNasty take on patchwork tweed

One of the big things here at Well Dressed Dad is tweed. Yes, it’s out of the bag, I do like the tweed. It’s nice and warm, for starters. It can be downright unpleasantly itchy. When not nestling against your sensitive skin though it has a tactile aspect that is wonderful. But above all, it looks absolutely fantastic. Now, I…

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Some fantastic footwear for the spring (and summer)

Hot on the heels of my spring jackets guide comes this, the unmissable guide to footwear for the spring season. Now, those that have been following me for a while know that I don’t do trainers or running shoes, apart from when I’m working out or running. And when it comes to style trainers really are not in my game.…

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