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The cycling hat by Karen Henriksen

I cycle to work. Every day. All year round. And I confess I care more about what my head wear looks like than how much protection it offers. Or rather, the need to keep my head to be warm trumps the desire to keep my head safe by wearing a helmet. Which in many respects is silly, but on a…

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Shop visit: Karen Henriksen, caps for chaps

I’ll start this piece with an admission, and I’m quite certain it is one I share with very many men: Hats have never been my thing, ever, apart from the obvious times when one has been necessary, and then only in the form of warm, wind-proof head-wear for cycling in the cold, or a hard hat, for keeping my noggin…

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Karen Henriksen, properly stylish head-wear for men

So far on my investigations into improving my wardrobe I’ve covered the most obvious areas, such as shoes, trousers, underwear, shirts and jackets. I’ve briefly touched on the head, but only with regards to making sure you have a decent haircut and keeping your fine head of hair clean and tidy. Hats and caps are something I’ve really not given…

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