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The “Landgate” rainproof smock, a new sewing project

I know, the moment you saw the rainproof smock and sewing as the title of this article, you thought one of three things: Hang on, I’m sure Nick announced that on Instagram ages ago Right, yes, another project started with lots of gusto and never heard of again Ooh, nice one, that will be interesting to read about! And yes,…

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Review: Gloverall Summer Monty mid-length coat

Yes, it’s out there, it’s well known, impossible to deny, I do like Gloverall. Their winter duffels are arguably the continuation of the original navy duffels, but in addition, they do other styles and even a summer collection. I’ve got a Gloverall Summer Monty duffle from two years ago, a lightweight cotton version of the classic duffle in a wonderful…

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