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Outerwear: The Monitaly Mountain Parka

As far as business models go, building an appliance that lasts forever is considered a poor idea. From the producers side, that is. From a consumer side it’s a bloody marvellous idea, as it saves us replacing the piece of shit washing machine every few years or so,. Less money, less hassle, and have does anyone even slightly enjoy trying…

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Iconic outerwear : The CP Company “Goggle jacket”

In my very occasional series featuring iconic outerwear, I’ve today arrived at a jacket I’ve had very mixed feelings about, the CP Company “Goggle Jacket”, part of the legacy of the legendary Massimo Osti. Initially I thought it quite ludicrous that a parka would have a hood with a pair of hinged goggle-lenses fitted in it. Surely they could have no…

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