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Waistcoat Wednesday: The Hansen Garments “Daniel”

So, Hansen Garments, tiny Copenhagen-based maker of classic menswear. I would say menswear with a flavour of Nordic Heritage, or perhaps more than a nod to vintage styles, but really Hansen is firmly out there in the left field, doing their own thing. No revolutions, just making things better each season, like sensible people do. And Hansen is quite sensible,…

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The critical state of waistcoat buckles

Now, anyone that has been following my blog for a while knows that around here we very much enjoy our waistcoats. This tends to lead to a certain amount of nerdy attention to detail, as shown in my series of waistcoat reviews for my ongoing Waistcoat Wednesday festivities. Details matter, otherwise all we have is an indistinguishable array of armless…

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Waistcoat Wednesday: Universal Works, almost universal approval

For this weeks Waistcoat Wednesday I’m featuring a cheeky little number by Universal Works. I’m not sure what the model is known as, possibly the “suit” waistcoat, but since buying it this Spring I’ve been using it a lot. This weeks shots are the result of a happy combination of sunny weather, working from home and the self-timer on the…

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