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My favourites of 2015: The Gloverall “Racing Monty”

So, my next favourite of 2015, what might that be? I’d have to say that Gloverall and their 1951 collection was one of the high points of the Autumn/Winter collection. The combination of vintage auto racing, the mod-styles and the generally classic looks with lots of duffle, tweed and classic cuts really does it for me. I’ve already reviewed my…

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Gloverall 1951 – more lookbook goodness

There are a few British company names that strike me as being incredibly evocative. Barbour is one, Gloverall is another. The story behind Gloverall is so quintessentially quirky and British that I shake my head in wonder every time I think of it. Way back after WW2 the company was called Gloves & Overalls Ltd. in 1951 though bought a…

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