Monthly Archives : October 2013

Norse Projects X Hestra gloves are good gloves

This time of year our thoughts naturally turn to that most seasonal of ailments, what we nominally describe as cold hands. How many times have you bidden farewell to your toasty abode, only to find yourself wandering the miserable cold streets, in the compromised gait of a man with hands in pockets? It’s an ill wind that chills thine naked…

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Social media… I’m covered.

These days (and even starting with those words make me feel like an old man) it’s all about the social media, and all the various platforms that are more or less popular at the moment. It’s not enough to just write blog posts, they have to be announced on Facebook and Twitter as well. Plus Twitter is there to handle…

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The H&M Mauritz Archive Collection is surprisingly good

Yesterday was an odd day. We’re currently in Bergen, and apart from being a delightful town, it offers some decent opportunities for shopping. I’ve previously written about the shops I consider good in Bergen, such as T-Michael, Lot 333, Twisted and Tilsammans. Today I visited the emporium I normally only trudge through, eyes down, when trailing WellDressedGirlfriend, or picking up…

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