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Waistcoat Wednesday: Universal Works, almost universal approval


Reading Time: 6 minutesFor this weeks Waistcoat Wednesday I’m featuring a cheeky little number by Universal Works. I’m not sure what the model is known as, possibly the “suit” waistcoat, but since buying it this Spring I’ve been using it a lot. This weeks shots are the result of a happy combination of sunny weather, working from home and the self-timer on the…

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Waistcoat Wednesday: Nigel Cabourn, not for the shy


Reading Time: 4 minutesQuite a special waistcoat this week. One I’ve had for a while, but not really been confident to wear until now. Bought it a size too small by mistake, and only thanks to losing weight I can now get properly into it. A very distinctive waistcoat, courtesy of Nigel Cabourn. Three different colours, in quality Madras checked linen, again based…

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Waistcoat Wednesday: Spellbound, hobbit-style from Japan


Reading Time: 4 minutesIn response to the clamouring from waistcoat aficionados worldwide, I’m back with another instalment of my popular mid-week special, Waistcoat Wednesday. Now I know for a fact that at least one reader has taken up what could become a huge thing, wearing a waistcoat on Wednesday, and I urge others to join in, and please send a photo so I…

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