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The Garmsman Dozen #2: Shaun from Scotland

Reading Time: 17 minutesAfter last weeks popular first instalment in this new series, we follow up with another case study of a modern gentleman. Whereas Jon last week was more into bespoke suits and vintage militaria, this week Shaun shares his insight into dressing well on a budget, through hunting elusive bargains on eBay and charity shops. Welcome to the Garmsman Dozen Shaun!…

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The indigo detective investigates colour bleed

Reading Time: 11 minutesI have a high level of natural curiosity, and when I wonder about something I want to find out more about it. It usually isn’t quantum physics or anything that would save the planet, though maybe every small thing helps? Heck, who am I kidding, I just notice small anomalies and have to scratch the itch. What was it that made…

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The “winter has returned” editorial and pictorial review

Reading Time: 6 minutesOne aspect I enjoy of living on the coast of Southern Norway is the mild winters we have. Just enough snow and cold to let you know the season is the cold and white one, but for the most part not bad enough for it to become too unpleasant. A few months of -20C, darkness and heaps of snow may have…

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