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An unfashionable Kickstarter from Sweden

We’re pretty much all in agreement that fast fashion has to be taken out and put in the trashcan. The one for recycling, naturally. We all know that the current pattern of consumption is ludicrous and damaging to the environment and not sustainable at all, on any level. Producing clothes that are so cheap that you don’t even care if…

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In defence of old goats, and a new Kickstarter initiative

You’ve probably not heard mention of the plight of the goat before. That’s ok, most people haven’t. We tend to see a goat and think “what a cute, wee fellah!” and leave it at that. I’m not going to claim any massive knowledge about goat history, goat symbolism or anything else goat related, apart from one single point: Goats get…

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News: Menswear hits Kickstarter

Kickstarter, the popular and innovative website for seeking funding through crowd-sourcing has seen yet a new use today, as UK-startup Machiavellian is seeking funding to launch it’s new brand of high-end men’s sleepwear. Kickstarter started out being mainly about seeking funding for geeky gadgets, but has seen massive diversity in the projects seeking necessary funding. As far as I know, this…

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