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Review: “Take Ivy” – your complete guide to vintage US style

Reading Time: 6 minutesThis weeks book is a natural follow-up to my recent review of “Ametora“, the book about how the Japanese adopted the Ivy style from the US, improved it and exported it back. Well, in few words at least, the story is twistier and more involved than that. Yet “Take Ivy”, in both film and book, was instrumental in the process,…

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Trouser Tuesday: Thoroughstitch chinos, thoroughly classic style

Reading Time: 9 minutesAnother week and another review! Prepared to be truly trousered, chaps, as we head over to the Big Apple for this weeks superb strides. From a small New York based company by the name of Thoroughstitch we have a pair of truly awesome chinos. Never heard of Thoroughstich? Well, neither had I until I noticed them on Instagram, and from that moment…

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Review: "My rugged 211" by Minouru Onozato

Reading Time: 5 minutesI recently managed to source the book “My Rugged 211” by Minoru Onozato. Onozato-san is Editor in chief of the Japanese magazine Free & Easy, and hence very influential in what may be considered the retro and heritage clothes culture in Japan. Free & Easy magazine is Japanese-language only, but well illustrated, and is quite popular in the West, even if…

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