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Sustainability and our clothing – part 2

The following text was first posted on my Instagram over 10 posts recently, but to be honest I thought it might have the legs to be posted to the blog as well. It does pretty much sum up a lot of my thoughts on sustainability related to clothing and covers a number of points that tend not to be mentioned…

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Introducing Indigo Village and their incredible scarves

One of the most rewarding things to come from taking up blogging has been the number of people I have come in contact with, people I’d otherwise never have become friends with, or even met at all. One of my early contacts was Jon, an Englishman living in Thailand. We’d have ongoing discussions about important matters such as rare and…

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Trouser Tuesday : Mister Freedom "El Americano"

Well, what do you know, it’s Tuesday again, and on Tuesdays we talk about trousers! Today I want to talk about one of my most recent additions to the Vault of Two-legged Garments here at WellDressed Mansion, the “El Americano” by Mister Freedom. I’ll admit that until I visited Maritime & Antiques in Copenhagen, I’d not really paid that much…

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