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Serious Trouser Suspension – For Holding Up The Trousers

Welcome to another unboxing video, aka me trying not to mess up a single take video too much while talking and opening a box of something I’m pretty keen to show you. This time it’s a pair of suspenders from Copenhagen-based For Holding Up The Trousers and yes, I do adore the company name, it’s literalness is utterly smile-inducing. If…

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All sewn and delivered – the Lane Fortyfive review

A few weeks back I wrote a piece about the new Made in Britain brand Lane Fortyfive. At the end of the piece I mentioned that I had ordered some garments for myself and promised to report back in due course. Well, those that follow my Instagram will already have noticed and appreciated that the garments arrived and look the…

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Shop visit: Rivet & Hide, rare denim for purists

Being of the age I am, denim has always been a part of my life, in some form or another. From the stonewashed jeans of the 80’s to the increasingly boringly styled and baggier jeans of middle-age, I’ve never been without a pair or two, even though other types of trousers have come and gone. And while I wouldn’t characterize…

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